ABMA Takes Stock, Looks Ahead with Promise

Looking back, 2023 was a good year for the boiler industry. Sales for new boiler equipment and repair and maintenance projects were strong throughout 2023. Many of the projects that were slowed or halted during COVID came back to life in late 2022 and 2023.

PHA Expedites Assembly, Shipment Of Rentech Boilers

The assembly and shipment of massive boilers from RENTECH Boiler Systems to a customer in the Middle East has attracted the attention of the monthly newsletter and the quarterly magazine of the Port of Houston Authority.

Cleanest Plant In California

It’s being called “the cleanest, most efficient natural gas-fueled power plant in California.” Lodi Energy Center, which includes an auxiliary boiler from Rentch, goes online in September to generate electricity to pump water along the state’s aqueduct, run BART trains, and provide electricity for homes and businesses in the cities of Santa Clara, Healdsburg and […]


RENTECH Boiler Systems of Abilene has purchased land and buildings from Dallas-based Peerless Manufacturing that will increase its shop space by 70 percent and create jobs in Abilene.