PHA Expedites Assembly, Shipment Of Rentech Boilers

The assembly and shipment of massive boilers from RENTECH Boiler Systems to a customer in the Middle East has attracted the attention of the monthly newsletter and the quarterly magazine of the Port of Houston Authority.

The PHA, which owns and operates the public cargo-handling facilities at the Port of Houston, is the nation’s largest port for foreign waterborne tonnage and the nation’s leading break bulk port.

Rentch, a global leader in the design and manufacture of industrial steam boilers, began assembly of the boiler modules at its headquarters plant in Abilene, Texas. The Rentch boilers will provide all of the steam needs to operate a large refinery being built in the Middle East. The modules, which weigh about 400,000 pounds each, were transported by truck to the Port of Houston. Rentch was able to finish assembly very near the shipping docks at the PHA Turning Basin General Cargo Terminal to allow shipment of the completed boilers to the customer.

The central location of Rentch’s main plant continues to benefit its customers. Rentch has direct access to rail, cross-country trucking routes, and shipping facilities to better serve domestic and international markets. The central location also facilitates access for customers who rely on Rentch to repair boilers in the field.