Modular Boilers

When the size of the watertube boiler gets too large to ship or when space constraints at the installation site are too small to accept a fully assembled unit, Rentech offers several modular approaches that are designed to maximize shop assembly, and minimize the field labor needed to assemble the boiler. This modular approach can also be applied to auxiliary equipment that are part of Rentech Boiler’s scope of supply.

Elevated Steam drum option

By making the upper and lower drums of the evaporator section identical and introducing an elevated steam drum, allows for the convection section and furnace to be shop assembled and shipped as one piece to the site. Once on site the elevated steam drum can be installed.

Elevated drum designs are a very cost effective method to obtain large steam capacities from a D type boiler with low field installation cost.

Modular HRSG Designs

Rentech’s team of engineers can design a modular HRSG system to meet your needs. Custom designs can include an elevated steam drum, or systems designed for a vertical up-flow or down-flow gas stream. Modular systems include the necessary riser, downcomer, and steam piping to make your modular HRSG complete. Modular designs are available for both cross flow (link) and water cooled furnace (link) designs and includes options for supplemental duct burner fired and fresh air fired units.

partially field-erected boilers

With years of experience and know how, Rentech can design partially shop assembled modules to ensure high quality and to minimize work required at the jobsite. Options include full shop assembled convection sections and furnace modules.

Modularized Auxiliary Equipment

Packing duct work, piping, and auxiliary equipment into a shop assembled module can significantly reduce construction time and labor cost at the installation site. Rentech offers modular skid solutions to meet your project’s needs.

Fully Field-Erected Boilers

When access to the site simply cannot allow for any large deliveries, Rentech can offer a fully field-erected boiler. Typically, major subassemblies like the steam drum, mud drum, superheater, and endwalls are shop assembled and delivered to the site. Once the subassemblies are on site, Rentech can assist you in assembling the boiler onto your foundations.