Waste Heat FireTube Boilers

  • Typical flue gas capacities XXX to XXX
  • Steam capacities from 10,000 to 50,000 lb/hr (Add Metric equivalent)
  • Saturated or superheated steam
  • Pressures from 50 to 800 PSI (Add Metric equivalent)

Single Drum Waste Heat FireTube Boilers

Rentech’s waste heat firetube boilers are an excellent choice to remove heat from your flue gas especially when your flue gas pressure is relatively high. Rentch offers one, two, and three pass designs in both vertical and horizontal arrangements.

Elevated Steam Drum Waste Heat FireTube Boilers

For applications that require high steam production, and steam pressure, Rentech offers waste heat firetube boilers with natural circulation elevated steam drums.

Process Gas FireTube Boilers

Rentech can design and manufacture process gas boilers for your steam reforming needs. Rentech can design your unit with an internal bypass to ensure the desired process gas exit temperature.

Sulfur Recovery Units Waste heat FireTube Boilers

Rentech can manufacture sulfur condensers that can be used in Claus and SCOT recovery processes.