RENTECH builds boilers for people who know and care.

Backed by more than 3,200 years of total experience of its employees, RENTECH is the industry's fastest growing boiler manufacturer because of its reputation as a leader in innovation and custom designs for most boiler applications.

Clients across the U.S. and in international markets are benefiting from our expanded manufacturing facilities.

Aerial view of Rentech manufacturing facility where we fabricate all types of boilers and HSRGs

RENTECH Boiler Systems, Inc.
5025 East Business 20, Abilene, TX 79601
Phone: 325.672.3400
Fax: 325.672.9996
Email: sales@rentechboilers.com

Industry Solutions:

RENTECH designs, manufactures and with its services group repairs boilers in a variety of industries. Because of our custom designs and engineering, cost-saving shop assembly, and skilled employees, RENTECH has been selected to supply boiler systems for clients across the U.S. and in other global markets.


RENTECH provides a variety of boilers and environmental products used in oil and gas, refining and petro-chemical plants. More


RENTECH designs, builds and installs boilers in a variety of sizes to meet the unique requirements of your project and comply with air quality and environmental standards. More

Power Generation

Municipalities and energy companies depend on boilers and environmental products from RENTECH to provide reliable services, stabilize costs and control emissions. More

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In The News:

Radiant Furnace
Our new shop space and panel machine in Abilene enables RENTECH to improve the construction of a boiler’s radiant furnace with our totally water-cooled, headered membrane wall design that eliminates gas seals in corners vulnerable to high temperatures. These RENTECH boilers cannot fail by overheating.


Rentech’s New Panel Tube Bending Machine


When reliability, efficiency and lower emissions are important, Valero Energy Corp. selected boilers custom designed and built for the needs of each site by RENTECH rather than package boilers off the shelf.


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